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Administrators can customise CRM by adding new tabs and fields to entity forms via Administration > CRM Customisations.

The available options are:

  1. a new tab containing fields
  2. a new tab containing a table
  3. adding fields to an entity's tab.

What customisation means for CRM users

The screenshot below left is a standard screen (or form) for an account. It contains the three default tabs (account, contacts and activities). The image below right shows an account screen with three custom tabs added. Once the new tabs or fields have been added for, say, the entity type 'account', they will appear for all entities of that type.

Managing customisations

To view, add or delete custom tabs and fields go to Administration > CRM Customisations (as shown below).


Example - add a new tab containing fields

  • Select New
  • Name the customisation (a description is optional)
  • Select the entity from the dropdown, i.e., account, activity, campaign, contact or lead)
  • Select 'Tab of fields' customisation type
  • Select whether the customisation is editable. Note that once created, Entity and Type cannot be changed. Save.

  • Add fields to the tab. The field types are: Date, date time, list, number, text and text area. 
  • Note about 'list' field type. This field type provides users with a dropdown list. Enter the options separated by a 'pipe' or '|' character without spaces (as shown below).

  • Save. Note that once the field form has been saved, field type cannot be changed.
  • The new tab will now appear for accounts, as shown below.

Example - add new fields to an existing 'contacts' form

  • Select New, name the customisation 'Social' and select the 'Contacts' entity 
  • Select 'Fields on main tab' customisation type

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Use CRM custom fields in Phocas

You can add CRM custom fields as properties in your CRM analysis database using the Phocas designer tool.

In Designer, custom fields automatically appear in Designer, available to drag into your design. 

Drag the data into designer and map these items as properties. Once you build the CRM database, these will appear as properties in Phocas.

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