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You can set color-coded alerts to automatically appear on your home screen or dashboard when performance against a target reaches a certain point. The alert appears if a number (e.g. sales figures) falls within a red, yellow or green range (an example is shown below). You can also subscribe to have an alert emailed when it reaches a particular status.

Typically, alerts are dynamic and will change each time you view them. 

How to save a new alert

Step 1. Select a database and carry out your data analysis (you can be in the grid or in chart view).

Step 2. Select Actions  > Save (as shown below).

Set up the desired ranges for red, yellow and green for your alert. The alert changes colour as a number (e.g. sales figures) falls within the relevant range. You will see a preview of what the alert will look like as you enter the ranges.

You can also subscribe to have an alert emailed when it reaches a particular status. 

Save. This creates an alert (favorite) with the current user as the owner. It automatically opens as a summary chart. You can switch between this view and grid view.

Create an alert from a favorite

Because an alert is actually a summary chart that has been saved as a favorite, you can also create an alert using a summary chart. See information about using Summary chart.

Example: 'Lost customers' alert

In this example, we will create an alert for 'Lost Customers'.

Step 1. We'll assume here that our advanced search identified 251 'lost' customers, who have purchased something in the last year but nothing in the last three months.

Step 2. Turn this result into a summary chart and configure the color ranges.

  • Choose the Chart icon, and choose Summary.
  • Choose Summary = Count, Summary Type = Traffic Lights and Decimal Points = 0.
  • In this example, we'll assume that up to 50 lost customers is acceptable (green), up to 75 lost customers is a problem (yellow) and anything more than 75 is bad (red). So the color range needs to be set as follows:

Step 3. Save as a favorite.

  • Select Actions  > Save.
  • Name the favorite 'Lost Customers', share if required and Save.

Because the number of lost customers (251) falls within our 'red' range, this favorite now appears on the home screen as an alert. Using offset dates ensures that this alert updates

Subscribe to an alert

  • From the Home screen, or your list of favorites, choose the gray Subscribe icon  next to an alert (remember that an alert is a type of favorite).  
  • Select a delivery format, frequency of delivery and delivery time. The default time is 9am. 
  • Choose which status should trigger the alert to be emailed (i.e., red, yellow or green - this relates to the colour of the icon that appears next to an alert on the home page). If you don't choose a status, the alert will be emailed at your nominated time regardless of status.
  • 'Test' if you wish, to receive a test email.
  • Subscribe