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A user's profile determines what they can do in Phocas. 

The simplest way for an administrator to assign a profile, and also the easiest to manage, is to choose a default profile. However, if you have permission, you can create a user-specific profile, or create a new profile to apply across your organisation. 


Default profiles 

Default profiles and what they allow a user to do 

ProfileWhat the user can do


Most standard queries in Phocas, and save a personal favorite or dashboard.
AdvancedMost queries apart from month to date. Same saving permissions as Basic, plus permission to Share, Subscribe and Export via 'Clipboard', which allows copying and pasting from the grid.
AdministratorMost functionality in Phocas.
'Blank' profileLeaving the profile selection blank allows the user to view and open favorites that have been shared with them, but not access any other functionality.
ViewerThe user can view favorites and dashboards that have been shared with them, and see a home screen. They can't open dashboards or favorites to analyse, and can't access databases. Note that this profile has been simplified from earlier versions, and some users with this profile will be able to do less in Phocas than they previously could. If you want these users to have extra functionality or access you can either assign them a different profile or edit their individual settings.


(info) To open the Profiles screen select Administration > Profiles.

The Profiles screen in the Phocas admin section lists all available profiles. 

User specific profile

Use this to enable or disable specific functions. Click a section heading (e.g. 'Query') to toggle on/off all the entries in the section.

Create a new profile

  1. Select Profiles and choose 'New'.
  2. In the screen that appears (an example shown below) give the new profile a name, and check the relevant boxes to set access for the new profile. Note: Selecting a section heading toggles on/off all the entries in the section. 

  3. Save the profile before closing. Note that the Profile screen may look slightly different depending on which version of Phocas you are using.

The new profile will appear in the list of available profiles.

Assign a profile to an individual user

  1. Locate the user, either from the user list or by searching.
  2. Click on their name to open the user maintenance form and select the Profile tab. Choose a profile from the list. Save the changes. 

    You can create individual profiles for users by selecting 'User Specific' from the dropdown on the 'Profile' page of the User maintenance form.  

    Note. If a user has a viewer licence, the Profile tab on their user maintenance form has the profile type grayed out.   


Assign profiles to multiple users 

You can save time by assigning a profile to multiple users using the bulk update tool in Phocas. Select at least two users and select More > Bulk update.

On the first bulk update screen, tick Profile and choose a profile from the dropdown list.

Edit an existing profile 

  1. Go to the Profiles screen and select the profile you want to edit. In the screen that appears, make the required changes by ticking or unticking access options.
  2. Save the profile before closing. 


Permission to export and copy

Users need the Clipboard option checked within the Export box in profile settings in order to be able to copy data from within the grid.



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  1. Helen Gosper This all looks pretty good - I've made some minor changes by re-arranging the list slightly and adding a 'what you can't do' section at the bottom, which is useful.