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Bulk update saves time when updating settings for more than one user. You can apply common permissions and settings to multiple users.  

  • Select at least two users to enable the Bulk update button, as shown below, and select More > Bulk update.


  • Confirm the users to update and choose Next.

  • Update General permissions. Note that you will only see Group and Territory fields under 'General' if your profile gives you 'Users: All Users' permission. More about administration permissions.  

  • The Settings section is only available to administrators with special permissions, so you may not see these options. They relate to system-wide settings.

  • Update Folder access and, if the option is available, Integrations permissions.
  • Update access to Databases.
    • To give access to a database or change the default period for a database, select the check box next to Default period and select a default period from the drop down list. To remove access to a database, leave the drop down empty.
    • To add a restriction for a  database, whether the default period is being set or not, select the check box next to Restriction and click the padlock to open the user restrictions form. Set the desired restriction in the form and Save. The Restriction icon will be yellow to indicate that a restriction is set.
    • To remove restrictions, select the check box next to Restriction or click the padlock to open the user restrictions form. Select Delete in the form. 

  • View a summary of the changes you are about to make. Confirm to apply the changes.