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Most users, even with a 'Basic' profile, are able to perform standard queries and use basic functionality. User profile settings determine what a user can do in the Phocas grid, i.e., perform queries, switch modes, select and set periods, change properties, search, format, etc. 

To change these permissions, either:

  • Go to Administration > Profile to change a standard profile, or
  • Go to Administration > Users and select a specific user. Make changes from the 'Profile tab' on the user maintenance screen.

In both cases, go to the section heading 'Query'.

  • Options appear either in the area underneath the 'Query' heading, or in individual  boxes, e.g., 'mode' or 'format',
  • Tick or untick as required and save the changes. Note you need to scroll to view all options under some subheadings, e.g, modes.


Default query settings

A number of commonly used query settings are 'on' by default in all system user profiles, and can be manually removed from a user's profile.

Similarly, some settings are restricted by default and need to be enabled manually.