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You can save time by using 'Clone' to create a user account with most of the same settings as an existing user.

1. Select a user for the Clone button to become active.

2. Select Clone to open a form that prompts you for the new user name and other settings.  

  • Username: The name the new user will use to sign in
  • Display Name: The name shown on the user button at the top right of the screen when they sign in. 
  • Copy personal favorites: If ticked, creates copies of the original user's personal favorites and assign them to the new user. These are copies only - if the original user deletes a personal favorite, it doesn't affect the new user's copy. 
    • 'Personal favorites' means those favorites that are owned by the original user. Any favorites that were shared with the original owner are not copied.
    • Any shared users on the original owner's personal favourites will not be cloned. 
    • Subscriptions are not cloned.
  • LDAP Authenticated? Only available on LDAP-configured sites. Controls the authentication method used. If checked, the user will be authenticated against the LDAP server; if unchecked, the user will be authenticated against Phocas. More about Set up LDAP user authentication.
  • Force password change? Only available on non-LDAP sites. If selected, the user will be required to create a new password when they first log in. You can give them a simple password (such as a repetition of the username), which they will be forced upon log in to replace with a new password that conforms to the site's password policy.

3. Save. This creates the new user and opens the user maintenance form with the new user pre-loaded. From this form, you can further customize settings.