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This article shows you how to share a chart with your team and start a conversation about results in a dashboard or favorite without leaving Phocas. 

Steps covered in this article


Comment on a favorite or dashboard 

Select the Comment bubble  to display the comment panel and add a comment. You can also choose the actions menu  > Comment.

Type your comment and choose whether to include the current query then Post. When you post a comment, the panel shows your name, profile picture and time you added the comment.

Save a chart as a favorite and share it with another user 

In the previous article, we worked through analyzing some data and viewing the results as a simple chart. From your chart you can jump straight into the steps below. If you haven't created a chart yet, you can follow the steps in the previous Phocas 101 article and then come back to this page.    

Save and share 

  1. With your chart open on the screen, choose Actions > Save

  2. In the screen that opens, choose New. Give the favorite a name (in our example below, we've named the favorite 'Lights & Lamps Variance CA') and choose a user to share it with. Only users with access to the Sales database will appear in the list.

  3. Save. The favorite will automatically appear on the user's home screen under Favorites, flagged as 'New'.