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For users to be able to subscribe to favorites, you need to configure Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) settings in the Configuration screen. This enables Phocas to send emails, thus allowing users to:

Email settings can be configured under the 'SMTP' section. This is usually carried out by administrators with special permissions.

Some SMTP servers (such as Gmail and Hotmail) do not allow you to change the 'From' to anything other than your account and any address you enter will be overwritten before the servers relay the email. This is to prevent spamming/spoofing.

  • If the 'From Name' is not set, it will default to 'Phocas (No Reply)'
  • If the 'From Address' is not set, and the username contains an @, Phocas will set the reply address to 'no_reply' and the domain abstracted from the username (everything before the @).
  • 'Test email address' allows the testing of the SMTP settings. You can enter a test email address, to which a test email will be sent. A notification will show a pass or fail message. Errors are logged if troubleshooting is required.

Access SMTP settings at the top right of the configuration screen.