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Create a new dashboard

You can create a new dashboard from the home screen, the dashboards screen or via the Phocas menu.

From the home screen or dashboards screen

Select New Dashboard.

From the Phocas menu

Select Phocas menu > Dashboards > New Dashboard.

Step 2. In the screen that appears: 

  • Name the dashboard. Description is optional.
  • Select users with whom you want to share the dashboard and any folders in which you want the dashboard to appear. You can also share the dashboard later.

To share a view-only version of the dashboard with someone who doesn't have a Phocas login, select the link icon under 'Link for external sharing' to generate link. Once you save, the link becomes active and you copy it and can send to someone without a login. See Share a dashboard with anyone.

Step 3. Save. A new blank dashboard containing one unnamed line will appear on your home screen and in your list on dashboards on the dashboards screen.

Clone an existing dashboard

If you have a dashboard you like, but want to change a few things, you can easily do this using Clone. You can then change content to suit your needs and, if required, share with other users.

To do this:

  1. Open a dashboard (it must be one that you own, i.e., that you created).
  2. Choose Clone  on the dashboard toolbar. 
  3. Give the cloned dashboard a new name and description (you can share it with other users at this point). Save.