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There are a number of ways to change the look and feel of a dashboard. Most of this customization can be done either while you are building a dashboard, or with an existing dashboard. 

Rename a dashboard 

You can change the name of a dashboard via the 'Share' screen, as long as you are the owner of the dashboard. Choose the Share icon on the right of the dashboard. 

Set a dashboard to automatically refresh

You can set your dashboard to update with any new data, either immediately or at selected intervals, if you have permission. Use Refresh  to select the frequency or to stop the dashboard refreshing. Setting the refresh interval is not saved with the dashboard and will be reset if you navigate away from the page.

Set a dashboard-wide period

You can temporarily adjust the period for all the widgets on a dashboard so they show data for the same period. To this by selecting the period icon and setting custom dates as required. Like all custom periods in Phocas, this is temporary and can't be saved with the dashboard.

Once you apply the period, a message at the top of the screen will notify you about how many widgets have been updated. Some widgets may not update, e.g, if they are not filterable or their date range is outside of the dates you want to show.

The period will be shown in the status bar and can be removed with the 'x' or by resetting.

Rearrange widgets or change their size

Move a widget

  • Drag the widget to a new position on the dashboard by grabbing the widget toolbar.


Change a widget's size or how it is displayed

  • Drag the resize icon  in the bottom right of the widget to change the size.
  • Set as Stacked or Equal width on a line, or allow it to scroll horizontally. To do this choose edit  at the right of a dashboard line to open the line settings screen and make a selection under 'Display'.

    • Stack widgets vertically when they will not fit on a line horizontally. See image below.

    • Select Equal width to set all widgets to the same width, filling the line and adjusting to the browser window's size. This is useful when a dashboard is going to be viewed using different screens and devices. The minimum widget width is 200 pixels, after which the line will scroll horizontally. The height of all widgets can be adjusted by clicking and dragging from the bottom of any of the widgets in the line. In the image below, three different sized widgets have been automatically resized to be of equal width.

    • With Horizontal scroll selected, the widgets just take as space as they need next to each other on the line and the user scrolls to see them.

  • Temporarily minimize a widget to create more space on your dashboard by selecting the minus icon on the widget toolbar. Maximize it again using the plus icon. Also see minimize on open.  

Add and move dashboard lines

Add a new line

Choose Line to add a new line at the bottom of your dashboard. 

Move, edit, clone or delete a line 

Hover over a line to access the required icons, shown below.

  • Clone. This will replicate the line and place directly below the original line. You can drag it to a different position on the dashboard, or edit as required.
  • Move. Drag and drop a line to a different position. As you drag, a blue box will appear to indicate the proposed destination. Release and the line will snap to the blue box. 
  • Edit. Allows you to change the name or description of a line. 
  • Delete. Choose to permanently delete a line and all the widgets within it. An 'Are you sure' warning message will appear, as there is no way of recovering a deleted line. 

Make a dashboard interactive

See Dynamic and interactive dashboards.


List of widget icons 

You can move, minimize or re-size widgets using the icons that appear when you hover over a widget. If you are the owner you can also open them for a more detailed view or to edit.  If you are viewing a shared dashboard or widget, some of these functions may not be available. 



How it works


Opens the widget screen, allowing you to make changes to the widget. This is the same screen that appears when creating a new widget.


Deletes the widget permanently. However, if the widget was originally created from a favorite, the favorite will not be deleted.

DownloadDownload widget as an image. This applies to some widgets only.


Displays the selections and settings that were present when the widget was created. Not available for URL widgets.


Opens the underlying data in the Phocas grid for further analysis or a more detailed view, provided you have permission to see the data. Usually opens in a new browser window.


Temporarily minimizes a widget to create more space on your dashboard.


Dragging the re-size icon in the bottom right corner permanently alters the size of a widget. The size appears in pixels as you drag. To resize all widgets on a line, CTRL + drag.