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Administrators with permission can add calendars that show working days, typically set up to align with your country's public holidays, half day holidays and so on. These are useful when users want to calculate the daily average using working days, rather than days in calendar months etc.

Create a working days calendar

Step 1. Select Working Days from the Administration dropdown menu (see image below).

Step 2. Choose New.

Step 3. Add calendar settings (see information about the fields in the table below).

Calendar fields

Calendar Name

A unique display name for this working days calendar.

Start Year

Specify the starting point for use in automatically generating working days.

End Year

Specify the end point for use in automatically generating working days.

Exclude WeekendsIf checked, specifies weekends not to be included as working days when automatically generating working days.

Configure working days calendar

Further configure a calendar via the Calendar and Days tabs.

  • Calendar allows you to change of the calendar name.
  • Days presents two views for configuration:
    • Calendar view: For setting working days. Click on the day to toggle between working day and non-working day. Non-working days are blue. Partial working days are shaded pale blue.
    • Grid view: For adding, editing and removing working days. Click on the day to edit and use 'New' button to add. To remove a day, select row and Delete.

Calendar view

Note the weekends are shaded blue, indicating they are non-working days. Tuesday 12 April is shaded pale blue to indicate it is a half-day.

Change hours in a working day 

In the 'Calendar' view the working day dialog can be accessed by selecting the day number in a calendar cell. In the Grid view the working day dialog is accessed by selecting an active link to a day.

Partial working days

A partial working day allows for more than or less than a single day value to be allocated to a single calendar day. The value for a working day is set via the dialog shown below. Partial days must be entered as 0.5, 1.5 etc. They will display as pale blue.