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You can create as many dashboards as you like in Phocas, customize them and share them with other users. You can go straight from the dashboard to underlying data and set a dashboard as your home screen.

The various widgets on a dashboard are often charts. Note that if the same entity (e.g., 'customer', 'product group' etc) appears on a dashboard in multiple charts, it displays as the same color in each chart, maintaining consistency across the dashboard.

A quick look at dashboards (on this page)

Creating and working with dashboards  

See these articles:

Open a dashboard

To open a database from anywhere in Phocas, select the Phocas menu and then choose Dashboards to display a shortcut list of databases. 

From here select a database to open, or select Manage dashboards to see a list all databases you have permission to view. If you are an administrator with permission, you will also see a New database option in the menu.

Common tasks on a dashboard

You can access most common tasks from icons in the top right-hand panel:

  • Refresh 
  • Print
  • Share
  • Delete
  • Clone
  • Add a line
  • Add a widget.

For more information about most of these tasks see Customize a dashboard and Add content to a dashboard.

From the top navigation bar you can:

Open a widget to view data in the grid

You can open a dashboard widget to analyse the underlying data in the Phocas grid, provided you have permission to see the data. To do this:

  1. Hover on a widget (in the example below, it's the Avg. Value per invoice widget). You will see a group of icons appear as you hover. 
  2. Choose the Analyze icon  to open the data in a new window.

Download a chart from the dashboard

You can download a chart as an image by selecting the Camera icon in the toolbar of the chart you want to download.

Delete a dashboard

  • If you are the owner of the item you can delete the dashboard. This also deletes it from any users you had shared it with and any folders it was placed in. You can only delete your own items, unless you are an administrator.

  • You can also 'delete' from view an item that has been directly shared with you. This permanently removes it from your list of dashboards and your default home screen but does not delete the item from the original owner, or remove it from anyone else's view. If an item has been shared with you via a folder you cannot delete your view of that item.

To delete

  1. Choose the delete icon.
  2. An 'Are you sure?' message will appear. Choose Yes to confirm. 

Search within a dashboard grid widget

You can search for information without needing to leave the dashboard using an individual grid widget's search box. You can also hide the search box to create more room for your grid rows, by editing the widget and selecting 'yes' under the 'hide search' option.