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Dimensions are data sets that appear as buttons down the left of the screen. The dimensions displayed depend on the database you are in, e.g., in a sales database you might see customers, products, sales reps, regions, vendors, etc, while in an inventory database you might see supplier, warehouse, country, etc. 

Selecting a dimension

When you select a dimension it turns blue and the data displayed in the grid changes accordingly. In the image below, the 'Products' dimension has been selected and the grid displays product data.

What is displayed 

  • Columns are sorted by total in ascending order.
  • Negative figures are shown in red.
  • Cells that do not contain data are shaded green.
  • If the data in the Code column is blue it indicates a link is available.
  • Dimensions that have selections will be indicated by numbers in brackets. 

Stream-specific dimensions

  • On the standard Phocas grid, only dimensions containing data can be selected, to avoid a situation where you could end up with a screen full of 'zero' rows. As you switch streams, you'll only see relevant dimensions in the list.  Note that once you go into an advanced search or customer mode, all dimensions appear (even if they don't contain any data). 

Groups, or sub-dimensions

Some dimensions have a subset of dimensions grouped underneath them, e.g., in the image above 'Product group' and 'Category' are grouped under 'Products'.  

Clearing selections from a dimension

Once you select a row, or rows, a 'clear' option (shown with an 'X') appears to the right of the relevant dimension, as shown below. You do not need to have the relevant dimension active in order to clear.  

Selecting multiple dimensions  

You can easily slice and dice by selecting multiple dimensions - in effect, combining dimensions. 

Step 1. Select a dimension and focus on some data. Selecting without focusing gives you the same information; however, focusing removes other data from view and retains the selection when you move to the next dimension. 

Step 2. Select a second dimension. What you see now depends on your previous selections, e.g. if you select and focus on sales reps 'Fred' and 'Daisy', and then move to the 'Customer' dimension, only customers who have purchased from 'Fred' and 'Daisy' will appear. 

Properties and measures


  • Properties (dimension metadata such as name, code, customer address, etc) are displayed as columns. You can select properties to display or create your own custom property. Learn more about properties 
  • Measures are data values relating to dimensions, displayed as columns. You can select single or multiple measures, change their format or customize (define) your own measure. Learn more about measures.


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