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This article shows you how to log in and open a dashboard. This is your springboard into the analysis grid. 

Steps covered in this article

Sign in

Phocas will send you a user name and password, along with a link.  

  1. Go to the link and enter your user name and password to sign in. You might be asked to create a new password or enter an email address the first time you sign in.

  2. If a 'splash' page appears in a window simply close that window to continue to the home screen.

    If you forget your password. You may see a 'Forgotten password' link to reset your password, or you can email your Phocas administrator and ask them to reset the password. 

Note that you can only be signed in on one device at a time. If you sign in a second time, your original session will end.

Limit on failed login attempts 

Your administrator may limit the number of times you can attempt to log in. A common limit is three, but this will vary depending on admin settings. If you reach the limit you will see an error message advising that your account has been locked and to contact your administrator.


Open your first dashboard

In this example, you'll learn how to open a dashboard to see a dynamic snapshot of your data.  

Start from the home screen

  • Home is the first screen you see once you sign in. This screen lists alerts, databases, dashboards and favorites and may have lots of content or just some basics. You can keep this as your home screen or replace it with your own customized 'home dashboard'.

Choose a dashboard 

  1. Browse your list of dashboards. You may need to expand the Dashboards heading to view the full list.
  2. in this example, we'll choose Customer Scorecard. The dashboard name will display in the navigation bar, as shown below.  


(tick) To get back to the home screen choose the Phocas logo.


Your dashboard may look different to the one below, but you can choose any widget on your dash for this next step.  

Open a widget to view data in the grid

You can open a dashboard widget to analyse the underlying data in the Phocas grid, provided you have permission to see the data. To do this:

  1. Hover on a widget (in the example below, it's the Avg. Value per invoice widget). You will see a group of icons appear as you hover. 
  2. Choose the Analyze icon  to open the data in a new window.

The Phocas grid

The data from the Avg. Value per invoice favorite opens in more detail in the grid. You can investigate further, choose new dimensions, change measures, switch views, isolate data, matrix, slice and dice.