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The default view for numerical data in Phocas is 'actual', i.e., the actual numbers are displayed in columns on the grid. You can also choose to view most data as a percentage or daily average, depending on the selected mode 

The following options are available, depending on your selections.

Format option

What it does


The default setting. Displays actual figures.

% Share

Displays data as a percentage of the total, with each column totalling 100%. Share is calculated as a percentage of records in the current view. Percentage share becomes available once a dimension is selected. See an example.

Target %
(stream mode) 

In stream mode, replaces the Variance % column with a Target % column. Often used to measure how close the sales are to the budget as a percentage. Target % = Stream/Variance Stream. Target percentage becomes available once a dimension is selected. See an example.

Daily average

Replaces actual figures with a daily average, typically based on number of calendar days in each time unit. See an example. Note that daily average view can't be exported.
If your administrator has set working days for your company you will see additional options appear from the 'Daily average' menu (see image below).

Daily average (working days)

If available, displays working days only for your country. More about this option.

Working examples

Example - percentage share 

Example - daily average

Example - target percentage