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Sharing dashboards and favorites is a common requirement for Phocas users. You can add or remove permissions via profile settings, either for an individual user or in a standard profile applied to multiple users.

To give a user permission to share, either:

  • Go to Administration > Profile to change a standard profile, or
  • Go to Administration > Users and select a specific user. Make changes from the 'Profile tab' on the user maintenance screen.

In both cases, go to the section heading 'Collaboration'.

Tick 'Share with users' and/or Share with folders' as required, and save the change. 

Even when an item is shared, other users can only see the data they have permission to see, e.g., a user can't share a dashboard containing data about Branch X with someone who only has permission to view Branch Y.

Manage sharing of external view-only dashboards

Dashboard owners with permission can share a view-only version of a dashboard with someone who doesn't have a Phocas login, via a generated link, if this function is enabled for your site and provided the site is cloud-based (i.e., accessed from the public internet, and not on a private server).

 Individual permission to generate an external dashboard link is managed via user profiles.

  • Under 'Collaboration' tick 'external links'. Note that standard Advanced and Administrator profiles have this permission ticked by default.

About enabling 'External links' on a site

Site-wide 'External Links' functionality can only be enabled by a Phocas consultant. Contact Phocas support in your region for more information about this.