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'Seasonal calendars' provide a simple method for adjusting pro rata rebate results to take into account the impact of seasonal variations such as holiday periods, special promotions, etc on yearly targets by defining the proportion of each period in the total yearly figures.

You can create multiple calendars, resulting a set of seasonal adjustments that can then be applied to payable or receivable rebates. 

Select the Rebates menu  to view or create seasonal calendars.

The seasonal calendars screen displays calendars that have already been created. Note that if a calendar has been used in a rebate that has posted transactions, it can't be edited or deleted. 

You can select a calendar to clone, or create one from scratch.

Create a seasonal calendar

  • To create a calendar select New, as shown in the image above. Name the calendar. Add a description if you like, but this is optional.
  • Enter a percentage next to each desired month (this will be based on the percentage of sales that occur in each month). As you enter each amount, the cumulative total updates in the column on the right, as shown below. The cumulative value must be equal to 100 before saving.

Your new calendar will now be listed on the seasonal calendars screen. You may need to refresh. 

Applying a calendar to a pro rata rebate

Open a rebate and choose the 'Brackets' tab. Set Pro rata to 'Seasonal' and select a calendar.

Making a calendar inactive

To remove a calendar from a pro rata rebate change the setting to 'Linear'. Note that selecting 'off' also changes the rebate from being pro rata.

Calendars and projects

Calendars are created independently of projects. Regardless of which project your rebate belongs to you can access any available calendar.  When you create a calendar it can be applied to any pro rata rebate.

Calendars and posted transactions

If a calendar has been applied to a rebate which contains posted transactions, you will be unable to edit or delete the calendar.