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As an administrator you can see individual user activity in Phocas or, if you have permission, you can view user system-wide activity.

View an individual user's activity

The user maintenance form shows you a user's activity over a selected period of days, months or a year, including queries any changes to their permissions, password, user group and so on.

Select a name to open the user maintenance form for that user.

Then choose from the Usage, Query or Audit tab. 


The Usage tab shows a simple column chart with the number of queries that a user makes each day, excluding dashboard queries. This is ideal for checking that a user is using the product.  

  • You can filter by database from the Database menu. 
  • You can choose to view activity for 28 days, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months from the Period menu.


If 'Detailed Logs' has been enabled, every query that a user executes will be recorded. These details can be accessed via the Query Logs tab. 

  • The log includes the date/time, the database, mode, dimension, period, any selections made and whether the result was shown as a chart or grid. 
  • Purge permanently deletes all recorded events.
  • Refresh re-queries the log and reloads the page.

To enable detailed query logs


Only administrators with permission can access this screen.

All significant changes to user accounts are recorded in the Audit screen of the User maintenance form. This data is recorded automatically and is captured at a database level, so any changes made outside of the application 'through the back door' are also recorded. The date/time of the event is included. The user-related events that are audited are:

  • CREATED: Records details about creation of a new user.
  • UPDATED: Changes to password, administrator, group, territory and profile. For all except password, the old and new values are retained.
  • DATABASE ADDED: Shows the physical database name and the restriction, if any, that applied. 
  • DATABASE UPDATED: Changes to a user's database settings. Records the physical database and the details of the restriction.
  • DATABASE DELETED: Records the database name that was removed from a user. Note: The database isn't deleted; it is just removed from the user's available list of databases. It will still be available to other users.

Details of the 'From' and 'To' fields are truncated at 50 characters; for a detailed view of the change click on the 'From' or 'To' link.

View system-wide activity

Administrators with permission can access system-wide logs. Not all administrators have access to view all of these logs. 

See View system-wide activity and error logs