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You can further customize the screen to present different views of your data or fine-tune the appearance of the grid or a chart. Some of these features are accessed from the Options menu and some from the grid footer (also see more about the grid).

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Options menu

The Options menu, shown in the image below, displays options available for the selected mode and settings.

Hide total

The 'Total' row displays sum for each of column. The default behavior is for this row to be shown. If a user has been granted access, they are able to toggle the visibility of the total row via Options > Hide Total.

Show net zero

This feature is usually turned on by default. It means that your sales results would typically include items that have had counter-balancing positive and negative entries (e.g., a refund) and therefore net to zero. An example of this is the value for a customer who has an invoice for 100.00 in January and a credit note in February for -100.00. Some databases may have this turned off by default.

You can exclude these entries to display only items where the measures have a value other than zero. This excludes things such as refunds or giveaways.

To change this, select Options > and untick Show net zero. 

Hide status and hide dimensions

To generate more space on your screen,  temporarily hide the status bar and the dimensions list.

Monochrome exports

With this option selected, all exports including printing are done without including the standard colors, i.e., 'black only'.