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The My Agenda panel gives you a 7-day view of all the meetings and tasks you have scheduled in Phocas CRM, helping you stay organised and also making it easier to keep CRM up to date. If you have permission you can also see the week's agenda for other team members.

My agenda is accessed via the main menu, as shown below.

My Agenda defaults to 'Today', as shown below. It displays any activities you have coming up for the next week, listed by date. You can choose a different day from the calendar icon and then switch back to 'Today'.

Overdue items are flagged at the top, collapsed if there are more than one. Expand to see each overdue activity.

View and edit an item

Click on an item to see in more detail and edit. In the screenshot below, the user has selected the item 'Look at Ben's budget'. In the pane on the right, you can see all the details for that activity and edit them as desired. This is the same information you would  see if you opened the activity from the activities screen or via an account, contact or lead.

Personal  appointments

To add a personal appointment to My Agenda, select the (personal) icon.  

Here you can enter a subject, status, location, start and end time (or whether all day), write a description and add a timestamp. Save changes before closing.

Note that personal appointments can only be viewed by the person who created them. They are not connected to the rest of Phocas CRM, and only appear in your own view of the Activities screen or My Agenda.

Schedule a 'My Agenda' email notification

To have your agenda emailed to you, select the picture at the top right of your screen and select Settings. 

Under Email notifications tick 'My Agenda at' and choose which time you'd like the email delivered. Check your email address and time zone are correct.

Note this feature requires SMTP settings configured. If in doubt about this, check with your administrator.  

(tick) Tip. If you don't receive the first scheduled email, check your email clutter or junk folders.