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8th September 2016

We're pleased to announce the release of Phocas 7.0.17 

Highlights of this release

New text and HTML widget

The new Text Widget lets you add formatted text to your dashboard.  Videos, images and links can also be added.  And the HTML editor allows further customisation -  e.g.Twitter feeds.  Note:  A phocas administrator will need to enable HTML (administration > configuration)


Timezone improvements

Many implementations of Phocas involve the server location being different from the user's location.  This could cause server and user to be out of sync by a number of hours.  Now all queries will be based on the user's timezone.   This improvement also solves a working days bug. Note that timezones are set in Phocas via the user menu > settings.


Larger Preview for synced and uploaded data

Previewing uploaded and synced data was previously restricted to 6 rows (in Designer) and 100 rows (in Admin > Sync).  Now you can view all your uploaded and synced data unrestricted, in paginated format.  


Performance improvement - home screen

A popular request was improving the speed with which the home screen loads. Changes to caching and altering the way alerts are loaded have enabled this.  The improvements will be noticeable from the second load onwards.   


Updates and fixes in 7.0.17


  • [DEV-5572] - DASHBOARDS - Incorrect custom mode from moving mode with custom period type
  • [DEV-8052] - DASHBOARDS - Context menu not visible in query widget edit dialog
  • [DEV-8127] - DASHBOARDS - Dashboard 'analyze' button not working in IE11
  • [DEV-8194] - DASHBOARDS - Changing paper orientation in print dashboard dialog hangs the browser
  • [DEV-8206] - DASHBOARDS - Sites with an application path result in various broken links in dashboards
  • [DEV-8175] - CHART - Summary charts not working with custom mode calculated columns
  • [DEV-5856] - QUERY - Query does not load when user does not have chart profile setting
  • [DEV-8106] - QUERY - Exclude selections (not equal to) incorrectly changing to equal to
  • [DEV-8041] - QUERY ENGINE - Incorrect period when user and server timezone differs
  • [DEV-7339] - HOME - Alerts appear as regular favourites on the favourite management page
  • [DEV-7659] - HOME - Database name is not being displayed when only one database is available
  • [DEV-7091] - DESIGNER - Build error when using a date column for stream or dimension properties
  • [DEV-7809] - DESIGNER - Designer fails when using a GUID as a dimension code
  • [DEV-7855] - DESIGNER - Deleting a mapped stream causes console error in Designer
  • [DEV-8009] - DESIGNER - Design hangs when data item is inaccessible 
  • [DEV-8045] - DESIGNER - "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: writer #0" when uploading file via Designer
  • [DEV-8080] - DESIGNER - Having no measure fails to build
  • [DEV-8100] - DESIGNER - Transform columns can be named the same as a data item column
  • [DEV-8101] - DESIGNER - Database build fails without displaying error
  • [DEV-7461] - SYNC - ODBC sync is not working - custom connection
  • [DEV-7491] - SYNC - Sync crashes when saving without filling in any configurations
  • [DEV-7842] - SYNC - Custom connection string is not loading when editing string
  • [DEV-8107] - SYNC - A SQL sync source can return no rows
  • [DEV-7686] - HELP - 'Link' help link pointing to the wrong page
  • [DEV-7912] - ADMINISTRATION - Display of working days is impacted by timezones
  • [DEV-7926] - BUILD - Timeout expired exception when loading dimension data
  • [DEV-8189] - BUILD - Supported boolean values being caught in data validation
  • [DEV-8184] - FRAMEWORK - Grid displays poorly with empty cells
  • [DEV-7055] - CLOUD CONSOLE - Standard CRM integrations are not being installed on MT
  • [DEV-8190] - CLOUD CONSOLE - Organisations take over a minute to open in Console

New Features and Improvements

  • [DEV-5064] - DASHBOARDS - Text Widget
  • [DEV-7845] - SYNC - Add design and runtime parameters to Sync
  • [DEV-7827] - SYNC - Sync item preview dialog
  • [DEV-6544] - ADMINISTRATION - Add preview and object browser to Sync view editor
  • [DEV-7981] - ADMINISTRATION - Solution templates to include integrations
  • [DEV-7429] - SECURITY - Limit the number of failed sign in attempts
  • [DEV-7702] - DESIGNER - Rename "external links" dialog to "links"
  • [DEV-7951] - INSTALLER - Remove 'skip this step' tick box from Phocas installer
  • [DEV-7982] - INTEGRATIONS - Integrations can use placeholders for master, CRM and sync databases
  • [DEV-8012] - HOME - Improve performance of home screen

Updates and fixes in

  • [DEV-8293] - SYNC - Sync parameters don't work with database item
  • [DEV-8294] - ADMINISTRATION - Sync items can not be dragged from object explorer into the SQL editor
  • [DEV-8297] - ADMINISTRATION - Error when paginating in Sync view editor
  • [DEV-8307] - DESIGNER - Deleting stream with same data items deletes from active stream as well

Updates and fixes in

  • [DEV-8323] - SYNC - Sync CLI fails with "System.IO.FileNotFoundException" exception error

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