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19th February 2017

We're pleased to announce the release of Phocas 7.0.22.  This is predominantly a bug-fix release.

Highlights of this release

Current production release

Installers for the current production version of Phocas:

Phocas downloads


Disable comments (profile setting)

A recent feature was the introduction of collaboration, where a shared dashboard or favourite can be commented on by anyone who has access. 

In this release, we've introduced a new profile option where administrators can control which users have access to comments.   So although collaboration will still be on by default, administrators can now selectively exclude users from commenting and viewing other comments, if desired.  

It can be accessed via Administration > Users > Select a user > Profiles. 


See the documentation here: Disable comments


Full list of bugs, features and improvements in 7.0.22


  • [DEV-8674] - QUERY - Boolean properties always display as true
  • [DEV-8808] - QUERY - Advanced search measure using custom period not working
  • [DEV-8811] - QUERY - Custom mode calculation using special offsets incorrectly returns 0
  • [DEV-8818] - QUERY - Invalid previous period selection when using custom period types
  • [DEV-8826] - QUERY - Ordering of custom period moments incorrect in defined period dialog dropdowns
  • [DEV-8830] - QUERY - Stream period should match Variance Stream period
  • [DEV-8852] - QUERY - Custom Period issues since last update
  • [DEV-8657] - QUERY ENGINE - Right click filter on variance column setting incorrect filter
  • [DEV-8888] - QUERY ENGINE - QE using incorrect decimal places for selection
  • [DEV-8807] - INSTALLER - Installer fails on SQL 2008
  • [DEV-8846] - BUILD - Build failing to log stream errors
  • [DEV-8883] - SERVICE - Health check error "@LastBuilt which was not supplied".
  • [DEV-8893] - CRM - Unable to add CRM attachments


  • [DEV-8410] - COLLABORATION - Profile setting to disable comments

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