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15th October 2017

We're pleased to announce Phocas 7.2.2.   This release is a mix of improvements, and bug fixes.  Note that the improvements to Sync are in beta.

Highlights of this release

Current production release

Installers for the current production version of Phocas:

PRODUCTION downloads

Improve mapping accuracy of mapping  (using Google geocoding)

This is great news for anyone using the mapping feature in Phocas:  Particularly those users in the UK, where postcodes are often the only mapping data used.   

We're now using Google to 'geocode' addresses.  Which means Google will convert any address data in Phocas into latitude and longitude coordinates, and then display it on a map.  This occurs at the time of mapping.  Users don't need to do anything differently, nor will they notice anything visually, as the map tiles remain unchanged.   This means users can expect improved accuracy.

Please Note:  The first time an address is mapped it might appear a little slow, as the geo-coding is occurring in real time.  But results are cached, so any subsequent mapping of that address (by any user) will be much faster.   Although there is no limit on the number of addressed that can be mapped, there is a limit of 100 geocodes at a time.There may be further mapping improvements in the future.

Improved Build Logs

The time to generate the summary commands is reduced, and build logs have been improved:

  1. HH:MM:SS format for duration added
  2. duration to load data items into dimensions and streams added
  3. duration to load dimensions from dimensions and streams added

Sync Improvements (beta)

There are a series of improvements to the Sync tool, which is great news for those administrators syncing data.    It is worth noting these changes:

  • better error logging by default.
  • more fine grained logging, including indication whether a part was uploaded vs patched vs skipped (unchanged), and if those patches failed.
  • more robust patch vs full upload logic  (Including that if a Sync fails half way through, it can better pick up where it left off)
  • reduced memory usage. 
  • reduced disk space required during sync. 
  • more useful progress bars.
  • more responsive cancelling, including being able to cancel the server-side processing.
  • additional information in Administration > Sync tables, for both source and items, as shown


It is worth noting that the client-side sync process appears to take longer because the progress bar now includes the server side processing as well.  However, it is likely that the total time will be more or less the same.


Export option 'XLS' removed.

Users will no longer have the ability to export to XLS, but they will be able to export to XLSX, which has been the standard now for more than 10 years. 


Full list of bugs, features and improvements in 7.2.2


  • [DEV-6122] - DESIGNER - Chinese characters not recognised
  • [DEV-8968] - DESIGNER - Unable to upload unicode characters via Designer
  • [DEV-10383] - DESIGNER - Property format change log incorrect
  • [DEV-10435] - DESIGNER - Designer should prevent more than one date being added to a design
  • [DEV-10599] - DESIGNER - Blank change log message from solution
  • [DEV-8053] - QUERY - Grid selection is retained when making a matrix selection.
  • [DEV-9973] - QUERY - Clicking help icon does not work on custom mode panel
  • [DEV-10110] - QUERY - "Hide Status" query option re-runs the query
  • [DEV-10352] - QUERY - Custom period types return errors for financial modes
  • [DEV-10480] - QUERY - Queries not being removed from table
  • [DEV-10525] - QUERY  - 'Last Period' Is selectable on Balance Sheet
  • [DEV-9978] - QUERY ENGINE - Transaction mode not displaying QuantaB map when in same stream as Quanta
  • [DEV-10397] - QUERY ENGINE - Matrix mode not handling ### correctly.
  • [DEV-8590] - SYNC - ProcessEmptyFile is running when any file part is empty
  • [DEV-10198] - SYNC - Certain sync does not produce logs at client side
  • [DEV-10348] - SYNC - Progress bars in sync don't show the progress
  • [DEV-10373] - SYNC - "OutputDirectoryOverride" stored in sync file
  • [DEV-10437] - SYNC - Sync does not handle foreign language extracts
  • [DEV-9615] - HEALTH CHECK - NotValidException thrown in health check in Console
  • [DEV-10364] - DASHBOARDS - Nested tables break after editing layers
  • [DEV-10394] - DASHBOARDS - Widget error on externally linked dashboard
  • [DEV-10014] - REBATES - Error thrown when sum of transactions exceeds highest bracket value
  • [DEV-10027] - SECURITY - Not Authorised Exception logging the user out
  • [DEV-10278] - COMPONENT - Row alignment problem when scrollbar appears on grid
  • [DEV-10390] - MAPPING - UK Postcodes not mapping in Phocas
  • [DEV-10392] - SECURITY - "Sign In via ..." button pushes username or password incorrect message behind marketing panel
  • [DEV-10399] - LANGUAGE - User language is not applied and licence validity is not checked when using SAML sign in

New Features and Improvements

  • [DEV-5885] - SYNC - Delete sync text files on delete of data source/data item.
  • [DEV-6613] - SYNC - Automatically save sync file after successful upload.
  • [DEV-6788] - SYNC - Add row count to Sync Items table
  • [DEV-6920] - SYNC - Sync source and item status
  • [DEV-8165] - SYNC - The 'open' dialog in Sync.exe should remember the last used folder
  • [DEV-8842] - SYNC - Better logging in sync when client times out
  • [DEV-9899] - SYNC - Sync script editor
  • [DEV-10202] - SYNC - Process all sync items regardless of failures
  • [DEV-10477] - HEALTH CHECK - Include mapping usage in health check
  • [DEV-10069] - DESIGNER - Capture and display mapping changes
  • [DEV-10409] - DESIGNER - Log Period changes in designer
  • [DEV-6675] - MAPPING - Geocode using Google Maps
  • [DEV-7653] - ADMINISTRATION - Add computer name and Sync version to administration sync sources
  • [DEV-9787] - BUILD - Improve summary command generation performance
  • [DEV-9984] - EXPORT - Remove XLS export option
  • [DEV-10322] - PROFILE - Count, sum and average profile setting
  • [DEV-10456] - SECURITY - Improve concurrent session error message
  • [DEV-9805] - LANGUAGE - Translation update including Rebates
  • [DEV-8950] - SECURITY - SAML Authentication

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  1. Hi Jason Law, not sure if you're the right person or not but hopefully you can help or point me to someone who can with a question on geo-coding...


    If I have 1,000 records I need to run the query 10 times for the 100 records cached each time. Is this stored locally for me or across users on the same environment? i.e. would any other user accessing the widget in dashboard etc also need to run the same query 10 times to see the same results


    Thanks in advance!

    1. Matthew Harwood, my understanding is that the geocodes generated by Google are kept locally (in the MASTER database) for all users in the same organisation.  The slight complication is that the geo-lookup is dependent on the address properties being displayed.  If you run a Customer query with just code+name and 'city' active, the geocodes will be generated for just the unique list of cities (they're not held against customer codes), so if your 1000 customers are in 10 cities, all of them could be geocoded in a single pass.  As you add more accuracy to the address properties displayed, the more unique addresses that need to be geocoded and the less likely they would be shared.