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19th November 2017

We're pleased to announce Phocas 7.2.3.   This release is a mix of improvements, and bug fixes.  

Highlights of this release

Current production release

Installers for the current production version of Phocas:

PRODUCTION downloads

Any users on the Phocas Multi-Tenant environment (MT), often referred to as the Phocas cloud, will benefit from automatic monthly upgrades to the software.  Users who are keen to find out what the new features are could always visit this page, but now there is a direct link from the software.  To make it easier, we've added links in two separate spots:


External Favourites

We recently introduced the ability to share a dashboard externally, and this feature is very similar - it allows you share a favourite externally with someone who isn't a Phocas user, such as a customer or a supplier. The recipient will see a live, view-only favourite that will update (with new data and with changes).  Here are some external favourite examples to try out:


Watch the demo


  • Only favourite owners can share externally
  • Recipients of will see a view-only version of the favourite.  Editing isn't available.  
  • Administrators will need to switch this on for individual users, or groups, via the 'external links' profile setting.  The standard Advanced and Administrator profiles already have this included.  This is the exact same setting used for external dashboards.
  • This feature is off by default.  Please contact your Phocas account manager if you'd like this feature switched on.
  • Documentation: Share a favorite with anyone


Sync incremental data

This feature is useful for administrators who use the Sync tool to get 'incremental' raw data into Phocas.  Previously this data would have required some prep, but now it is built into the software.  Typically, raw data files that are generated as, for example, 'month-to-date' or 'rolling XX days' are perfect candidates for this feature.

It works using purge and append.  That is, the earliest date in the file that is being synced is noted, and any previously synced data is purged from that date forward.  Then all the data in the new file is added.

Users just need to select which files are incremental, and indicate which field is the date field.   This feature works best with transactional data - that is, data containing a date.  

Documentation: Sync incremental data


Re-order data items in Designer

This feature is handy for administrators building databases using the Designer tool.  Multiple raw data files can be mapped for each dimension (for example, Reps1, Reps2, Reps3 and Reps4 in the screenshot below), and the order (from left to right) is important in the build.  Previously there was no way to re-order these files, but now you can do it via drag-and-drop, as shown.  

Documentation: Designer: Change the order of dimension data files

Full list of bugs, features and improvements in 7.2.3


  • [DEV-7915] - DASHBOARDS - Special characters in solutions don't work correctly
  • [DEV-10335] - DASHBOARDS - Widget XML losing property selections
  • [DEV-10469] - DASHBOARDS - User can access and delete other users' user-defined periods in edit widget window
  • [DEV-8019] - QUERY - Incorrect property count on favourite with a non-shared custom property
  • [DEV-8264] - QUERY - Query UI not updating hide status and dimensions after reset
  • [DEV-9402] - QUERY - 0 values in percentage contribute and percentage revenue do not have proper formatting
  • [DEV-10621] - QUERY - Grid sum / average not working in external dashboard
  • [DEV-10643] - QUERY - Internal view of dud external link not working
  • [DEV-10647] - QUERY - Changing the owner on an existing favourite and trying to remove the external link won't save the favourite
  • [DEV-9884] - QUERY ENGINE - Switching from variance to custom mode changing measure used in calculation
  • [DEV-8322] - SYNC - Sync installer deletes contents of install folder
  • [DEV-10669] - SYNC - Sync script preview displaying decimal as int
  • [DEV-10685] - SYNC - Cannot use ODBC custom connection in Sync
  • [DEV-10705] - SYNC - Sync throwing "Could not patch file" errors
  • [DEV-8796] - DESIGNER - Clicking on move icon incorrectly selects tab
  • [DEV-10773] - DESIGNER - Cannot upload xls file into designer
  • [DEV-9975] - ADMINISTRATION - Colon (;) in Configuration Page in Phocas
  • [DEV-10376] - ADMINISTRATION - Subscription log size is incorrect 
  • [DEV-10630] - ADMINISTRATION - Working days import button is always disabled
  • [DEV-10686] - ADMINISTRATION - Error accessing environment page in administration
  • [DEV-10558] - EXPORT - Export to Excel with boolean properties fail
  • [DEV-10610] - SECURITY - Forgotten password email using incorrect URL
  • [DEV-10664] - SECURITY - MT not redirecting to website for invalid organisations
  • [DEV-10656] - CLOUD CONSOLE - TRY org creation error in console

New Features and Improvements

  • [DEV-2624] - QUERY - External Favourites
  • [DEV-10308] - QUERY - Embeddable responsive view of favourite
  • [DEV-10618] - QUERY - Changing the owner updates the favourite
  • [DEV-10683] - QUERY - Tooltips for query buttons
  • [DEV-8314] - SYNC - Incremental data items in Sync using min-date method
  • [DEV-10201] - SYNC - Improve performance of sync SQL extract
  • [DEV-8359] - BUILD - ColumnStore Indexing in Designer
  • [DEV-10637] - BUILD - Improve transaction load performance
  • [DEV-7721] - DESIGNER - Reorder Dimension Data Items
  • [DEV-10279] - NAVIGATION - Release notes links
  • [DEV-9507] - CLOUD CONSOLE - Organisation update group profile setting in Cloud Console
  • [DEV-10679] - CLOUD CONSOLE - Search accounts in Cloud Console
  • [DEV-10682] - CLOUD CONSOLE - Contacts table for account in Cloud Console
  • [DEV-10690] - CLOUD CONSOLE - Databases table for account in Cloud Console

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  1. Hi Tim Leonard,

    Just a note, columnstore indexing requires SQL Server 2016 or an Enterprise edition of SQL Server.

    1. More specifically, it needs to be SQL2016 with SP1 for columnstores in Standard and Express Editions.  They are available in all Enterprise editions since SQL2012.

      1. Thanks Jason Law and Jacob Taylor - I've added this to the release notes, above.  

    2. Adaptive = no change and is default

      Columnstore = decreases build time but at the expense of degrading application performance

      None =  What Is the impact of this setting?

      1. Hi Bill, you used to be able to build a database without indexes in Vacuum; 

        The intention is for fairly small databases that you want/need to build quickly and maybe often - typically ones with a smallish number of transactions.   The lack of indexes makes the runtime performance much slower, but for small databases, it's perfectly acceptable.