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28th January 2018

We're pleased to announce Phocas 7.3.0.   This release contains our hero feature, 'grid nesting', as well as a number of improvements and bug fixes.  

Highlights of this release

Current production release

Installers for the current production version of Phocas:

PRODUCTION downloads



Grid Nesting

Our 'hero' feature for the 7.3.0 release.  Allows users to create an 'expand / contract' report within the Phocas grid.  



Watch the video here:


Documentation: Grid nesting

Retain Snapshot Data

This is a feature for administrators who are syncing data.  It allows you to retain a historical snapshot of certain datasets (for example 'stock on hand' or 'aged debtors')  Watch the video here:

Documentation: Retain a snapshot of data


Enable and Disable Sync Items

Administrators now have the ability to disable a sync data item.  It's akin to a 'pause' button - and could be useful for troubleshooting, or for temporary manual syncs.  To disable a data item, untick the box next to each data item.

It is worth noting that disabling is quite different to deleting.  Disabling means that no new data will be synced, but any existing data that has already been synced will remain.  Deleting, however, will delete any existing data that has been synced.  

Documentation: Disable a sync item

Full list of bugs, features and improvements in 7.3.0


  • [DEV-5835] - DASHBOARDS - Limiting the rows to bottom/top and deleting the value displays an error message
  • [DEV-9878] - DASHBOARDS - User without 'Run As' profile setting cannot view 'Run As' widgets
  • [DEV-10692] - DASHBOARDS - External dashboard 403 error received instead of real error
  • [DEV-10693] - DASHBOARDS - External dashboard widgets fail when focusing
  • [DEV-8789] - SYNC - Sync crashes when adding a file which is open in another application
  • [DEV-10416] - SYNC - Changing the driver type on an existing SQL connection doesn't work
  • [DEV-11012] - SYNC - Sync fails with unhandled exception if a SQL uniqueidentifier column is NULL
  • [DEV-11020] - SYNC - Sync cancelling on large data fetch
  • [DEV-10941] - SYNC - Refresh button crashes sync client when adding a new SQL item
  • [DEV-10943] - SYNC - Deletion of sync source is not audited
  • [DEV-8925] - QUERY - Sort not working in market mode
  • [DEV-11064] - QUERY - "Sequence contains more than one element" error due to duplicate activity log entries
  • [DEV-10977] - QUERY - Financial Statements hiding Net Zero results for Accounts with Activity
  • [DEV-9553] - QUERY ENGINE - Period count in custom mode incorrect when used in many calculations
  • [DEV-11013] - QUERY ENGINE - Transaction properties do not show in the Trial Balance stream
  • [DEV-11018] - FRAMEWORK - Redirect for unknown MT organisation is not working
  • [DEV-11066] - SOLUTIONS - Missing mapped items in database design when created by a solution
  • [DEV-9572] - MAPPING - Map markers not showing up when phocas is installed under an application path
  • [DEV-9748] - DESIGNER - Dimensions in Designer squashing up (IE)
  • [DEV-10980] - DESIGNER - Database Versions are slow to display
  • [DEV-10981] - DESIGNER - Can't build database with apostrophe as the database display name
  • [DEV-10194] - EXPORTS - % share XLSX exports adding % to total row
  • [DEV-11067] - SECURITY - SAML doesn't work on site with application path

New Features and Improvements

  • [DEV-9886] - QUERY - Grid Nesting
  • [DEV-10041] - DESIGNER - Large Data in Designer
  • [DEV-9979] - DESIGNER Hide split item parts in Designer
  • [DEV-10689] - INTEGRATIONS - Cloud to Cloud Data Integrations (CCDI)
  • [DEV-10810] - INTEGRATIONS - Scheduled Integrations
  • [DEV-10811] - INTEGRATIONS - Sync API in C# integrations
  • [DEV-8089] - SYNC - Snapshot Data
  • [DEV-8137] - SYNC - Enable and disable sync items
  • [DEV-8618] - SYNC - Create a Windows Event Log for a failed sync session

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  1. Perfect timing for Nested View!  Meeting with CFO of Tyman Group this week (as mentioned Tim Leonard) and a key requirement is the nested view!  Bob-on team. (smile)

  2. Tim Leonard, William Marriott and the team - Grid Nesting.... genius!   Quickly adopted onto one of my P4P Dashboards.  Will be a crucial weapon in the demo armoury!