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18th March 2018

We're pleased to announce Phocas 7.3.2.   This is a bug-fix and feature release, with a number of improvements to Designer. 

Highlights of this release

Current production release

Installers for the current production version of Phocas:

PRODUCTION downloads

Period Variance and Period Stream modes


These modes have been improved for better legibility and usability.

  • Period Variance mode combines period mode and variance mode into one simple view.
  • Period Stream mode combines period mode and stream mode into one simple view.

Both use a double-height 'grouped' heading.


Date Last Opened

If your Phocas environment is overcrowded with too many favourites and dashboards, then the 'date last opened' field can help clean it up - Administrators will be able to view the last time any user accessed a favourite or dashboard.



Clone streams in Designer

This is a time saving feature for those users building their own databases in Designer. It is often easier to clone and modify a stream (and all its contents), than it is to start from scratch.



Clone and replace (dimension mappings) in Designer

This is another time-saving feature for those users creating their own databases in Designer. Apply all the mappings of a data item to a new data item.



Dimension data item filtering in Designer

Filtering stream data items has been available for some time, but we've added the ability to filter dimension data items as well. This can be useful for mapping attribute tables.


Show Net Zero (SNZ) database setting

Administrators now have the option of switching SNZ on or off at a database level.

See View and change database settings

Full list of bugs, features and improvements in 7.3.2


  • [DEV-4791] - QUERY - Hide Dimensions option is not available when analysing a widget
  • [DEV-5280] - QUERY - Selecting properties and editing them by clicking backspace affects the grid
  • [DEV-6863] - QUERY - Reordering dimensions or measures in Designer doesn't change the sequence for user with restrictions
  • [DEV-10653] - QUERY - Custom variance column fails when using special offsets
  • [DEV-11077] - QUERY - Freeze columns not remembered on favourite
  • [DEV-11273] - QUERY - Grid Nesting | Cannot read property 'toString' of undefined
  • [DEV-11275] - QUERY - Nested grid errors when properties are unticked
  • [DEV-11290] - QUERY - Number format codes will cause query to error out when using the search box
  • [DEV-5048] - QUERY ENGINE - Incorrect column order when customising period variance and stream period variance modes
  • [DEV-8078] - QUERY ENGINE - Advanced search not using daily average values
  • [DEV-7192] - ADMINISTRATION - Favourite Testing Screen Issues
  • [DEV-7483] - ADMINISTRATION - User usage chart does not resize
  • [DEV-7484] - ADMINISTRATION - User usage chart x-axis wrong way around
  • [DEV-7824] - ADMINISTRATION - Usage chart labels cut off
  • [DEV-11206] - ADMINISTRATION - Scheduled integrations appearing in user administration integrations list
  • [DEV-11228] - ADMINISTRATION - Database Admin screen crashes when build is scheduled with no time
  • [DEV-7911] - CHART - Some column chart labels do not display in dashboard
  • [DEV-8413] - CHART - Line chart 'use total' doesn't work on dimensions with a hidden code
  • [DEV-8519] - CHART - Data gaps in chart axis labels
  • [DEV-10193] - CHART - Alerts will not display correct colour if decimals are used
  • [DEV-7349] - CHART, DASHBOARDS - Chart displays measure label when in custom mode
  • [DEV-7750] - DASHBOARDS - Unable to unset home dashboard from actions menu
  • [DEV-10814] - SYNC - Empty Sync Logs on Save
  • [DEV-11221] - SYNC - Sync source status disappears when updating through administration sync
  • [DEV-11282] - SYNC - Sync GUI creates redundant log entries in same folder as the sync project
  • [DEV-7757] - SUBSCRIPTIONS - Manage subscriptions incorrectly shows all users as being subscribed
  • [DEV-9741] - NAVIGATION - Hamburger menu shows CRM items when superuser doesn't have CRM profile setting
  • [DEV-11121] - INSTALLER - Pre-requisites checker incorrectly failing on .NET extensibility 4.6 and ASP.NET 4.6
  • [DEV-11252] - DESIGNER - Transform columns timing out on large datasets
  • [DEV-11192] - DESIGNER, SECURITY - Sync data item names are not fully escaped in certain parts of the build process
  • [DEV-11247] - INTEGRATIONS - Integrations fails if multiple database entries exist
  • [DEV-11251] - COMPONENT - Grid Misalignment forces scroll to see full Phocas grid
  • [DEV-11262] - BUILD - Columnstore index not adding scalars


  • [DEV-10054] and [DEV-11236] - QUERY - Period stream and period variance improvements
  • [DEV-8932] - QUERY - Show Net Zero (SNZ) database setting
  • [DEV-3500] - SYNC - Display elapsed time on sync progress dialog
  • [DEV-3811] - SYNC - Sync handles rows with more or less columns than defined in header
  • [DEV-10222] - SYNC - Update sync views after syncing items
  • [DEV-8653] - DESIGNER - Clone stream and dimension mappings in Designer
  • [DEV-9109] - DESIGNER - Dimension data item filtering in Designer
  • [DEV-9931] - DESIGNER - Clone Streams in Designer
  • [DEV-10005] - DESIGNER - Transform column expressions can reference database placeholders
  • [DEV-10845] - DESIGNER - Truncate data item mapping table cell values to 100 characters
  • [DEV-10116] - ADMINISTRATION - Administration favourites and dashboards tables display last opened date
  • [DEV-10552] - BUILD - Improve performance by using company tables on CSI databases
  • [DEV-10988] - BUILD - Automatically fail and rebuild hung databases
  • [DEV-10803] - SECURITY - Set username field on sign-in page to autofocus
  • [DEV-11230] - INTEGRATIONS - Integrations access to TempFilesLocation
  • [DEV-11231] - INTEGRATIONS - Integrations Sync API incremental data items

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  1. The Clone and Replace mappings function is amazing

    1. Thanks for the feedback Anthony Damico.  We were hoping this feature would be a timesaver...

  2. AND the Date Last Opened thing is very very useful too. Quite simple, but very effective. THANKS