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15th July 2018

We're pleased to announce Phocas 7.4.0.   

Highlights of this release

Current production release

Installers for the current production version of Phocas:

PRODUCTION downloads

CRM customisations

Non-technical users are now able to make simple customisations to CRM forms without needing SQL skills, and without needing to contact Phocas for assistance. 


Add new fields to the existing 'contacts' form,
as shown. 


Administration > CRM Customisations.

Watch the video:



Documentation: Add custom CRM tabs and fields


CRM Restrictions

We've introduced a simple rules based system that allows administrators to restrict what certain users can view and edit. For example, users could be restricted to their own territory, or to their own team.

There are three basic principles to restrictions:

  • You can always view and edit anything you own.
  • If you have edit access to the parent, you'll be able to edit the children.
  • If you have view access to the parent, you'll be able to view the children.

For example, if your restrictions allow you to edit an account (the 'parent'), you'll also be able to edit that account's activities, that account's contacts, and even the contact's activities (the 'children').


In the screen shot (right), some restrictions have been applied. In addition to being able to view and edit everything I own (owner equal to <user>), I can:

  • View all entities whose owner is in the UK
  • Edit everything that is owned by Jason or Nico.




Documentation: User access and restrictions in CRM

Watch the video:


CRM and Rebates Licence Counts

Where previously only a single licence count existed for each user, there are now licence counts for CRM and Rebates (in addition to the Full and Viewer, introduced recently).

Administration > Users > Licence.





Documentation: Managing users - administer licenses

  • Grant users access to CRM and Rebates.
  • View total count and total used.

Note: Even if a licence is granted, administrators may still need to edit each user's profiles accordingly.




Pareto Chart

Pareto is often referred to as ‘the 80 20 rule’, and this is what this chart demonstrates. It is a regular column chart (blue) with a pareto line over the top (red) representing cumulative percent.  

In this example, users can easily see that almost 80% of the revenue comes from just 2 territories, WA and VIC.  

It could be useful for manufacturing databases, to indicate that 80 % of manufacturing defects comes from, say, 2 out of 8 causes.  

Pareto charts are only available in Total mode.


Documentation: Pareto chart


Authenticated embed URL

Every favourite and dashboard is now available as an 'embed' view.

  • Favourites: Click Export > Embed View (as shown)
  • Dashboards: Click the embed icon in the top toolbar.

The favourite or dashboard will open up in a new tab/window as view-only, as shown.

  • It is similar to the external links feature, except users need to be authenticated - either signed in, or using SSO / SAML. That is, users will only be able to see the embed view if they can see the original dashboard / favourite in Phocas.
  • There is no master switch here - this feature is always on.
  • Just copy/paste the URL into presentations, websites, intranets, other dashboards, iFrames, Confluence, etc, and you'll get a live favourite or dashboard that updates. It will resize to suit.



Documentation: Share an embeddable favorite and Share an embeddable dashboard


Financial Statements Improvements

Include Total in MatrixA total column appears in a regular Phocas matrix, and we've now added a total column/section to appear in financial statement matrices - as shown.

Matrix in Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.


Documentation: Analyze financial statements in Phocas

When using a financial database, the matrix feature is now available in the Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements, as shown.


Month To Date (MTD) Improvements

The query performance of the Month to Date feature has been enhanced - queries using MTD should now perform almost as fast as those without. There is no change to the functionality of the MTD feature.

Need a quick refresher on MTD? Let's assume it is the 15th of June, 2018. Normally, variance mode will compare this incomplete June 2018 with a fully complete June 2017. For a more accurate comparison, switching on MTD will compare like for like. So it will compare the first 14 days in June 2018 with the first 14 days in June 2017.


  • There may be a small increase (<5%) in build times for databases using MTD.
  • MTD always uses 'yesterday' as part of its algorithm. Yesterday is calculated using the phocas user's timezone.

Users can switch on MTD via Options > Month to Date


Administrators can set an entire database to follow MTD rules in Administration > Databases > Default Month to Date



Full list of bugs, features and improvements in 7.4.0


DEV-7245"Results are limited to 25 rows" message is displayed on charts where "Use Total" is tickedCharts
DEV-12157Console error and strange padding in embedded dashboard viewsDashboards
DEV-11863External favourite query can be altered to show othersQuery
DEV-11648Financial Statement matrix displaying incorrectlyQuery
DEV-11450Grid nested export fails when sort column doesn't existQuery
DEV-11909Additional level throws error when using a Dimension with a property that is not contained within the bottom DimensionQuery
DEV-11938Debug time is wrongQuery
DEV-11794Sorting in Market Mode- Not Working on NULL or zero valuesQuery Engine
DEV-11813Width of header columns in a Grid Component that is within a inactive Tab are set to 0 when browser window is resizedComponents
DEV-11836Copy grid throws errorComponents
DEV-11702Days to summarise SQL string should use whole number Build
DEV-11279Export to csv / copy & paste dates retain US date formatExports
DEV-11696"Viewer licence count is full" error cloning the phocas userAdministration
DEV-12126Importing users via CSV does not import their Group / TerritoryAdministration
DEV-12175Upgrade failed for several Preview SitesCloud Console
DEV-12144Integration Schedule modal dialogue box will not save if 'Hourly' is selected by a user with no timezone setIntegrations


Improvements and new features

DEV-9830Pareto ChartCharts
DEV-10666Authenticated embed URLPhocas
DEV-11470CRM & Rebates LicencePhocas
DEV-10040Month to Date ImprovementsQuery
DEV-9583Financial Statements-Matrix for Balance Sheet & Cash FlowQuery
DEV-9586Financial Statements: Include total group in the P&L matrixQuery
DEV-10667Improve performance of month to dateQuery Engine
DEV-11443CRM User RestrictionsCRM
DEV-11953User can edit CRM entities which they own regardless of restrictionCRM
DEV-2548CRM customisation refactorCRM

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