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We're pleased to announce Phocas 7.4.6, to be released on 20th January 2019.  This release contains new features and bug fixes. 

Highlights of this release

Current production release

Installers for the current production version of Phocas:

PRODUCTION downloads


Choose to apply dashboard filters first or last

This feature gives greater control when filtering dashboard widgets that already have a query filter applied (e.g. advanced search).  

The order in which filters are applied will affect the results, and users can now choose the best option for their dashboard.

To keep things simple, this option won't appear when it isn't needed.

Watch the video for details.






CRM calendar improvement

This is a small UI improvement:  when viewing a CRM calendar in month, day or week view, clicking the activity for more information will now display correctly. 



Full list of bugs and features

This is a dynamic list of all bugs and improvements in 7.4.6.






What's in the next release?

This list is dynamic, and will automatically update with new features and bugs as the next release approaches.







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  1. "Choose to apply dashboard filters first or last" - this feature solves what is probably the longest running argument at Phocas. well done

  2. That Solution Wizard is going to save SOOOO much time. Thanks Dev!