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There are several words and characters that should be avoided in Phocas, e.g., when naming measures etc. This is because in software development, these words or characters typically have a specific meaning that may affect results. 

Reserved words in measures

CountCount is a reserved word as when used as a scalar it depicts the count of rows in the transactions.
TransTrans is reserved for internal usage.

Unsupported characters

\BackslashBackslash is a common programming character.
;SemicolonThe semi-colon is reserved as when used in searches it defines multiples. For example, in a equal to search, it splits codes.
*AsteriskThe asterisk is reserved for wildcard searches, and shouldn't be used in raw data.

Reserved words and characters in Designer

Unsupported characters (these should not be used in names of measures, streams, properties or dimensions)


Reserved words


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  1. Suggestion: Use of "." (period character) in a file name can cause an application (i.e. like Sync) to unexpectedly recognize a file with an unsupported file type suffix. For example, a file named "example_filename.txt" might be correctly recognized as a text file.  But a file named "example.filename.txt" could result in an unsupported file type error (if the application does not support a file type of ".filename" (such as Sync)).