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You can have a favorite automatically delivered to your inbox in a format of your choice via Subscribe.

There are two options for subscribing:

  1. From the Home screen, or your list of favorites, choose the gray Subscribe icon  next to a favorite.  


  2. With a favorite open, choose the actions icon  and select Subscribe. 

  • In the screen that appears, select a delivery format: PDF, CSV, XLSX or HTML
  • Choose the frequency of delivery: daily, weekly or monthly. The email address used will be the one in your user settings.
  • Select a delivery time. The default time is 9am. 
  • 'Test' if you wish, to receive a test email.  Subscribe

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titleSubscription Time

In some cases subscription emails may arrive slightly later (up to an hour) than the time specified.

  • On the home screen, or list of favorites, the subscribe icon will turn black to indicate a subscription has been set (see below). To unsubscribe, open the Subscribe screen as described above and select Remove.

Stop subscribing

  1. Choose the Subscribe icon near the favorite from which you want to unsubscribe.
  2. In the screen that appears, choose Remove

Shared favorites and subscribing

Unless you are an administrator, you can only subscribe yourself to favorites. Even if you have shared a favorite with other users, each of the shared users will need to subscribe to the favorite.

Monthly Subscriptions

All monthly subscriptions are sent on the 1st of each calendar month, at the time selected.  They get sent regardless of whether the database has been updated in the preceding month.  There is no way of altering this behavior.

Note for administrators

  • Subscription settings need to be configured by an administrator in order for users to be able to subscribe. 
  • An administrator can subscribe or unsubscribe users to favorites. 
  • See our Administration guide for more information.


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