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There are a few simple things a Phocas administrator can do to make the transition into the New Year as smooth as possible. These are:

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Update defined and custom periods

Phocas recommends administrators use the dynamic month option when setting defined periods, as this updates your date range each year. If you haven't used this option we recommend you manually update any defined periods or custom periods that are based on ‘Year To Date’ as these won't automatically roll over to the new calendar year. 

How to adjust defined periods

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Set defined periods for a database
Set defined periods for a database

  • Select the defined period you want to change by clicking the active link.

  • You can now either:

    • manually update the defined period by rolling the current period and previous period start date forward to the next year.


  • use the dynamic month option outlined below. 

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    Add your own defined period
    Add your own defined period

Information for non-administrator users

Dashboards and favorites maintenance

In addition to defined and custom period maintenance, you may also need to do some maintenance on any custom period views defined in your existing dashboard/widgets or favorites.  An indication of an obsolete dashboard/widget period setting is an error referencing 'The Sequence contains no element' error.  If you receive this error, check your dashboard/widget period settings. If you can't identify a problem with the settings, you may need to contact Phocas support in your region.

End of year ERP maintenance

Many ERPs require yearly maintenance to close out the previous year and begin building the extraction files into the New Year. This typically involves administration of:

  1. The Year to Date extract feed that manages the extract of sales, purchasing, inventory, etc data for the current year
  2. The historical extract feed that manages the extract of that data for all years in their entirety, previous to the current year.

It is recommended you consult with your ERP administrator regarding ERP maintenance.

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