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If you have been assigned a viewer licence, you will see 'Viewer' in the top-right near your user initials or profile picture. 






This licence type gives you a 'read-only' access to Phocas dashboards and favorites that have been shared with you. 

With a dashboard you can:

  • set a dashboard as your 'home dashboard', to replace the default home screen
  • hover and filter
  • apply a custom date range (period)
  • refresh to view updated data
  • print.

With a favorite you can:

  • hover, sort and select cells
  • select 

You can't open any favorites or dashboard widgets or drill into any databases. 

(info) If you think you need more access to data within Phocas, discuss this with your administrator.

Difference between viewer and full licence

Users who have a full Phocas licence can typically perform the following functions, subject to their permissions.

  • Create and share favorites, alerts and dashboards

  • Analyze dashboard widgets

  • Use various export options.

    • Export data from Phocas.