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A bullet chart is useful to visually track performance against a target, displaying results in a single column.  Although it uses columns, it has more in common with a gauge.

The gray column typically represents a target, and the colored column represents your actual performance, a little like a fuel gauge or a thermometer.  The bullet chart will always display Target%, even when not shown in your Phocas grid.


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Show sales rep performance vs budget. 
  1. From the Phocas grid, choose the dimension you'd like to see represented in your bullet chart.  In this example, we've chosen Sales Rep.
  2. Choose Stream from the Mode button, and in our example, make sure you are comparing sales to budgets (in the Stream and Variance Stream buttons respectively) 
  3. Click the Chart icon, and choose Bullet Chart (from the KPI group)
  4. See the image below for the resulting chart.  The grey column represents budget, the striped coloured column represents sales, and the percentage shown is Target % (even if target % is not shown on your grid).
  5. Optional:  Choose to associate traffic-light colours with sales rep performance.   Here we’ve said if reps achieve their budget (>100%) then green, and if they almost achieve budget (>90%) then yellow.  Else red.  
  6. Analysis of our demo chart:  Well done Katherine, Bert and Lowell. Pick up your game Chris and Walt.