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In most cases, if you have had a dashboard or favorite shared with you, or if you create a dashboard or favorite, you will be able to comment on these items and read other people's comments. Occasionally administrators will restrict the ability to comment.

Add a comment

Select the Comment bubble  to display the comment panel and add a comment. You can also choose the actions menu  > Comment.

Type your comment and choose whether to include the current query then Post. When you post a comment, the panel shows your name, profile picture and time you added the comment.

View comments 

If comments exist, this will be displayed on your home screen (or dashboard/favorite management page) next to the relevant favorite or dashboard.  

Comments will be shown as either 'unread' (appearing in blue) or 'read' (gray). The image below shows:

  • Three unread (blue) comments on the 'Margin Alert Customers' favorite.  
  • An unspecified number of read comments on the Slow Moving Stock favorite. 


You will also see the number of unread comments in the Comments bubble and unread comments will be highlighted in the Comments panel. Opening a favorite that has comments will automatically display the comments panel.

Include current query with your comment

You can tick Include query if you want include the current query screen when you post the comment. This gives the viewer the option of seeing more context about the comment. Users can choose not to view the query.

If you have viewed a query, or a number of queries, selecting Hide query takes you back to the screen you were originally on before you viewed any queries related to comments. 

Edit or delete comments

You can edit or delete your own comments.


You can only comment on favorites and dashboards. If you choose the Comment icon  any other time, you will be prompted to save your analysis as a favorite before you can add a comment.